Recently Dr. Armruta Gadge proved the Einstein-Bose prediction, working remotely from her home. She used the University of Sussex facility to create the Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC). Both her achievement and her scientific work are a great inspiration for all of us.

Inspiring Journey of Dr. Gadge

In the interview for the woman’s channel SheThePeople, Dr. Gadge shares her scientific journey. Inspired by her mother, a physics teacher, and supported by family and friends, she pursued a career in academics. She set up the experiment in the lab before the lock-down and despite the difficulties, decided to finish it working from home.

The process was a lot slower than it would have been in the lab, however, the experiment was successful. ‘It was a laborious effort but one that was worth it’ she says. Dr. Gadge also turned to young women in science, reminding us to always believe in ourselves, keep asking questions, and remember that we have the same rights as everyone else.

Dr Amruta Gadge remotely created the Bose-Einstein condensate.
Dr. Amruta Gadge remotely created the Bose-Einstein condensate.
Source: SheThePeople

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The History of the Bose-Einstein Condensate

BEC is a state of matter created by cooling low-density gas to temperatures close to absolute zero. At this point, particles reach the quantum state that allows microscopic quantum interference to happen macroscopically. That applies, especially to wavefunction interferences.

The fifth state of matter was predicted by Albert Einstein and Satyendra Nath Bose in 1925 and was first achieved in a laboratory in 1995. The importance of Dr. Gadge’s breakthrough lays in completing the experiment remotely. It proves we have all means necessary to perform scientific experiments not being directly at the scene.

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In the future, we might be able to remotely complete experiments in space, underground, or other inaccessible places. It also shows that the lock-down doesn’t mean we have to give up our work. Moreover, if we ever have to work from home again, we already know we can do it.

Source: SheThePeople

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