History of Life Series

The History of Life series explores the evolution from the beginning of life to its current state, through major geological eras and period. Articles describe the development of organisms in each period and how their relations with changes on the planet. It also provides information about major evidence, basics of the study methods, and evolution of humankind.

Writer: Anna Sekscinska


1. How do we study the past life on Earth?

2. The Archean and Hadeon eons (4.6 – 2.5 billion years)

3. The Proterozoic Eon (The Longest Ice Age)

Proterozoic Era

4. The Phanerozoic Eon (The Eon We Live In)

5. The Cambrian Explosion (The First Life Revolution)

6. The Ordovician Period (The First Vertebrates)

The Ordovician Period

7. The Silurian Period (The Life Rebound)

8. The Devonian Period (The Age of Fish)

9. The Carboniferous Period (The Era of Rainforests)

The Carboniferous Period

10. The Permian Period (The End Of The Paleozoic Eon)

11. The Mesozoic Era (An Introduction)

12. The Triassic Period (The First Dinosaurs)

The Triassic Period

13. The Jurassic Period (The Age Of The Dinosaurs)

14. Dinosaurs (Discussion And Controversy)

15. The Cretaceous Period (The End Of Dinosaurs)

Cretaceous Period

16. The Cenozoic Era (An Introduction)

17. The Paleogene Period (The Era of Plans And Animals)

18. The Neogene Period (The Appearance of First Modern Mammals)

neogene period

19. The Quaternary Period (The Ongoing Period)

20. The Evolution of Humankind

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