Don’t Miss These 15 Stunning Images Of Jupiter Captured By The Juno Space Probe.

Named after the goddess Juno, who is considered as Jupiter’s wife in Roman mythology, the probe was launched in August 2011 with the primary goal to understand the gas giant’s origin and evolution. As planned, the spacecraft arrived in orbit around Jupiter on July 4, 2016, and has been successfully circling the giant since then.

Over the years, Juno has explored Jupiter from orbit, beaming back amazing photos, atmospheric data, and making some striking revelations about the largest planet in our solar system. Juno is also credited for revealing crucial information about Jovian lightning that became instrumental in revising earlier theories. Juno is the second spacecraft to orbit Jupiter, after the nuclear powered Galileo orbiter, which orbited Jupiter from 1995 to 2003 and it will be intentionally deorbited into Jupiter’s atmosphere after completing its mission in July 2021.

Jaw-Dropping Images Captured By Juno

Here are some of the most beautiful images captured by the Juno spacecraft. These images show that nature is much more of an artist than a scientist or an engineer!

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  1. All these pictures were processed by amateurs using data from NASA yet I don’t see any where where you acknowledge who has processed them. If you don’t acknowledge them you are basically stealing their creative work.

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