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The Q And A is a video series that answers some of the basic questions in physics and astronomy. Here are all the episodes of the same.

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Episode 1: How was quantum mechanics born?

Description: Quantum mechanics is one of the most successful theories known to mankind. But what led to its development? Did it come from a single mind? The first episode of Q and A digs into the past of the beautiful theory.

Episode 2: Why was the Large Hadron Collider Built?

Description: The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the biggest machine in the world buried deep down in Geneva. It is 27 Km long and is a marvel of science and engineering. But what does it really do? Why did the scientists and engineers build this machine? The second episode of Q and A answers the question: Why was the LHC built?

Episode 3: What are gravitational waves?

Description: We have known different types of waves for hundreds of years. But in 2015, mankind detected a new form of waves – the gravitational waves. But where did these waves come from? What was the magnitude of these waves and why were they so important to us? In the third episode of Q and A, let us learn what are gravitational waves?

Episode 4: What is dark matter?

Description: Everything you see around is composed up of something we call baryonic matter. But it comprises only 5% of the observable universe – the remaining 95% is dark matter and dark energy. But what is dark matter? Why is it important to us and is there any particle associated with it? In the fourth episode of Q and A, we dive deeper into the mystery of dark matter.

Episode 5: What if Betelgeuse explodes?

Description: Betelgeuse is one of the brightest stars in the night sky – a red supergiant on its deathbed. But what will happen when it explodes? Will we be able to observe it with the naked eye? If yes how bright will it be and does it pose any threat to human civilization? In the fifth episode of Q and A, let us explore the scenario of the supernova of Betelgeuse.

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Episode 6: What is Higgs Boson (The God Particle)?

Description: For many years, scientists were trying to understand the origin of mass. They came up with the Higgs mechanism and the Higgs boson, the last missing piece of the standard model. But what it really is? Why we spent around $14 Billion on it and why is it called the God Particle? This is the sixth episode of Q and A.

Episode 7: How Will The Sun Die?

Description: The Sun is the reason behind our existence. It has been burning for the 5 billion years. But just like everything on Earth, even the Sun cannot live forever. It will eventually die. But what will happen when it explodes? Will it become a black hole? What role will the electrons play in its death. This is the 7th episode of Q and A.

Episode 8: What Is Quantum Physics?

Description: Objects in nature have a wide spectrum of sizes: from the smallest quarks to the jumbo quasars. Just like a single medicine cannot cure all the diseases, similarly, a single theory cannot explain everything. The laws used to describe the motion of planets cannot be used to describe the motion of electrons around the nucleus of the atom. This is where quantum physics comes into picture. But what it really is? How is it different from classical physics and why is it so strange. This is the 8th episode of Q And A.

Episode 9: What Is Antimatter?

Description: Antimatter is a popular theme in the reel world. In the movie Angels and Demons, we saw Prof Langdon save the Vatican City from an antimatter bomb. In Star Trek’s starship enterprise, the concept of matter-antimatter annihilation was used to produce energy to travel faster than light. But is antimatter an important concept in the real world too? Most importantly, What is antimatter exactly? This is the 9th episode of Q And A.

Episode 10: How Will the Universe Die?

Description: The question about the ultimate finale of our universe is something that has troubled the cosmologists for a long time and is still doing so! And, in order to seek an answer to this important question, several hypotheses have been put forward time and again, each pointing towards a different tragic story. We know that for proposing any theory or hypothesis, there exist certain factors that need to be taken care of. So, what are the factors that need to be considered in determining the universe’s ultimate fate and how do they influence it? This is the 10th episode of Q And A.

Episode 11: What Is String Theory?

Description: String theory attempts to reconcile general relativity and quantum mechanics by replacing all the matter with tiny vibrating strings. It also helps in getting rid of the problematic point-like particles of gravity – the gravitons. We still don’t have the technology to prove the string theory but it is the strongest contender of the theory of everything. This is the 11th episode of Q And A.

Episode 12: What Are Quantum Computers?

Description: All the computing devices rely on a very basic ability to store and manipulate information. The classical computers manipulate individual bits and store information as binary 0 and 1 states. But in quantum computers, that’s not the case. Information is stored in something called qubits. Quantum computers have the potential to process exponentially more data as compared to classical computers, but what is it that stops it’s implementation in the real world? Let us find out! This is the 12th episode of Q And A.

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